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New Reviews of Cory Doctorow's "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" (uncut version here). And here's a review of Steven Barnes Charisma. (uncut version here) Plus, I think I throw in a few words about the Animatrix.


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I Now Do Most of my Posting at Three Rivers Online


I Now Do Most of my Posting at Three Rivers Online




Feb. 17th, 2019

As far as I know my lawsuits against Pivot Physical Therapy, Elisabeth Wheeler, Fieldworks and Zachary Reider are still ongoing.

April 2, 2013

This was a post I deleted.


Nov. 11, early morning

Item: New city photo.


Nov. 10, Late Night

Item: When the Acid Jazz Channel works you should see a picture in the frame above. Such as below:

If you don't see a picture, then the non youtube vids won't play and the channel will stop after awhile. You should wait for at least a minute for the channel to properly load. Its the one trick of the channel. I find that it can go three hours without a significant glitch or without you heading to the next video. Here's what the channel looks like without a picture in the video.

This is not good. The videos won't play consecutively. You'll have to sit by the console and hit that arrow on the right hand side, a lot. Remember: You have to wait at least a minute on this page or others so that the pic will load and the videos will run consecutively for hours.

Oct. 30, 2010

Item: After four years I've decided to start updating Majic12 again. Right now I'm going to use it for comics and science fiction pics that are too large for Three Rivers Online.


ITEM: Above:  (Special No Prize for Micah Wright for pointing this out.) Learn about the heroes that inhabit the economically violent and Depression Like world of...Unemployed Man! Definitely a man that I've been. That and Underemployed Man. Below: Harvey Pekar comics that was illustrated by Alan Moore. I think this is the full thing. Yep. Alan definitely sucks as an artist.

last updated Feb. 2006

Seth Fisher. May he rest in peace.

I haven't seen the new Batman film yet. Looks like it borrows from Batman Year One. Give me a  couple of days or so. David Mazzucchelli doesn't appear to have a website.

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Week of September 28th 2005

(Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Keep in mind that I always post at Three River and I also post stuff at both Warblogger Watch and American Samizdat from time to time. I'm also seriously considering starting an online Pittsburgh paper. IN fact, I'll probably buy the domain this week..)



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