Why I Love Christine Telfer or a public rebuttal to “You never loved me” and “let’s end this discussion”.

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   Because: She has Classic French Painting eyes and a subtle hint of
Mona Lisa Smile.

Because: Looking into Christine's Eyes for a prolonged period is like the Dangerous Fall into a beautiful
Infinity of Blue.

Because: I have seen her sweet sinister secret smile and let me tell you it radiates a terrible
Sunshine of Loving Truth
that penetrates your soul, shatters your heart and breaks you psychologically.
You have been warned.

Because: No pretty-boy pop mentality for her as she has completely memorized the Deacon Blues lyric and will recite  with a somber haunting passion that will make
you want a name when you lose (her).

Because: Hypnotic and enveloping is the deliberate pacing of her voice.
You shall not escape.

Because: She has never once in my presence said "Praise the Lord".

Because: She is sensuous and cool and has gorgeous thighs to die for.

Because: Hers is an angry and righteous Old Testament wrath and when she turns her Great Light away: You will lust for death's embrace to escape the intolerable dark of her absence and yes you will

rage, rage against the dying of the light.



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