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Red Hour Orgy is dedicated to reviewing comics and science fiction.


New Reviews of Finder, Wake and Amnesia

Reviews of Top Ten's First Season, Kingdom of the Wicked, Fallout, Phil Dick Bio online and List of Top Ten background allusions

Reviews of the Dark Knight Returns, Will World and Star Trek: Forgiveness

Reviews of Rall's 2020, Orwell for Beginners and New Promethea:

Reviews of AI Websites, Prometheas 6-14, Fortune and Glory by Brian M. Bendis, Brave Old World, Batman: Outlaws and Streetwise

Reviews of Scott McCloud's Reinventing Comics and Warren Ellis' City of Silence!

Hit Counter

Reviews of Promothea 4 and 5, Two Batman Graphic Novels (War on Crime and The Chalice), Son of Superman Graphic Novel and Neil Gaiman's The Dreamhunters

Reviews of Chip Delany's New Graphic Novel  and Drugged Out Cyber Influenced Duotone Romp Heavy Liquid

Review of Rudy Rucker's Strange and Funny New Novel

"Saucer Wisdom"

Reviews of new Forbidden  Zone and Heavy Metal plus More Moore!!! Reviews of Promothea 2 and 3, The Birth Caul and Tomorrow Stories

Even Newer: Wishy Washy Technorealist Manifesto

Reviews of Heavy Metal Film Adaptation Plus Alan Moore's Top Ten



Review of John Barnes Surprisingly Vulger and Entertaining Collection:

Apostrophes and Apocalypses

The Return of Alan Moore: Reviews of Tom Strong, Promethea,

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Reviews of future science books by Freeman Dyson, Hans Moravec and Ray Kurzweil

Blue Light (novel) by Walter Mosley

The Truth (online book, nonfiction) by Joe Firmage

Nevada (comic) by Steve Gerber